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Error message in-game when installing BG2 Tweaks


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I have BG2: EE on Steam. I installed the BG2 Tweak Pack and as soon as I started up the game an error message kept populating in the window at the bottom of the screen. The error message read as follows:


Lavavoth: Invalid 131989


Also, along with the error message, every time I move my character he moves just a little bit and then stops. So I have to constantly press the left-mouse button on the place where I want him to move to to get him to move to that position. In addition to that, when I do move him next to an opponent and click on the opponent for him to attack he just stands there and does nothing. Did I go wrong somewhere in installing the BG2 Tweak Pack? I tried to Google it and searched this forum but could not find the issue in either place. I uninstalled the BG2 Tweak Pack and the error message and movement issue is still there.

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