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Spawning SCS (improved) vampyres breaking ust natha.


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I have SCS II (30) installed on my bg run.


Throughout the game, the improved vampyres and their rat swarms have been spawning everywhere, off map and on map, on almost all maps, even inside the cities. Theyh stay as bats if its sunlight otherwise they attack. It has been tolerable despite many wipes (maximum spawn difficullty selected and on insane difficulty).


In addition for some reason some characters in the game are spawned randomly off map and on map and centered usually around certain locations, as an example the monk 'master of combat' tends to show up in groups of 3-7 in the most unlikely places (underdark, spellhold for example). I have no idea what causes this but it has been pretty harmless so far if they are just ignored. But some kind of a glitch.


Now improved vampyres are breaking Ust natha however. It seems solufein is spawned (extra copy that doesn't do anything) in a corner or off map where i can't see him or reach him, as well as some vampyres. This triggers as soon as i load a save inside the city, and sometimes on entry as well. As soon as solufein dies due to the vampyre the entire city turns on me. Solufein is too weak to kill the vampyre on his own and i can't reach where this is happening.


My setup configuration is that every SCS component that makes BG harder is installed.


Anyone run into this ?



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