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Question regarding NPC continuity


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Hello :)


Let me first stay I am absolutely stunned by the scope of this mod, and that I can't wait to try it out.


I have a question regarding npcs and how EET approaches the continuity.


Since we are able to travel back to the earlier areas of the game, can we also recruit, say, Alora if we havent met her yet? What if we have met her and parked her in Friendly Arms Inn before transitioning to bg2? And what happens if we have her in the party at the end of SoD?


If the current version does not allow for us to bring all NPCs over to bg2, would you consider making an eettweak component that allows for that? I understand that it will give some immersion issues to talk with xzar outside of the harper building while having him in the party, but, for me at least, that is a minor annyoance, that i would be very happy to put up with once in a while, to be able to have my pick of all the npcs in all of the games.


Very interested in hearing your thoughts on this. :)

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edit: sorry, can't answer the question due to NDA reasons (yep, I'm reviewing and editing my older posts that could potentially be against it, so the discussion may be a little limited for now). Thank you for showing interest in the project.

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