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Lock ups with hardly any mods installed


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Rather than trying lots of different things until it works I thought I'd ask on the forum to see if I can find I quicker solution.


Playing a pretty standard BG2 and it locks up when right clicking items.


What I have is a standard BG2ToB install (from original CD's) with official ToB patch, BG2 fixpack v10 and G3 tweaks v16, installed in that order. I'm importing main character from final save of a Tutu game (again with pretty minimal changes, just the TotSC patch, unofficial patch and tweaks IIRC).


Where I might have caused the problem is that I didn't know about G3 fixpack v10 and I installed an old ToB fixpack before I found the G3 fixpack and installed that 'over the top'.


My main thought is to uninstall the game and start again but not use the old fixpack, obviously. But I thought if that doesn't work I'll have wasted ages so a quick question on here might save me an hour or so of mucking about. Or more!

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Might be unrelated... but anyways: What resolution option do you use ? One of the officially unsupported resolutions ? Like 1280x960... the game doesn't work with that or the higher ones... as it crashed when you simply equip a two handed weapon. Either use the 1028x768 resolution or smaller, or use the Widescreen mod that allows you to set any resolution you wish. That or the Video card could try to auto force a set resolution to the game and cause crash. As the user interface is changed in to the items description page, which normally is smaller than the whole window.

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