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Bug while facing Vampire

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I have weird problem as topic says while facing Vampire (tombs in Graveyard District), as soon as bring him to near to death statement the game crashes. Note: I'm using BG II: EE and newest version of scs in which I installed 'upgraded vampiers'. Any idea how to fix it? If not, is it possible to reinstall the game with scs but without upgraded vampires and not losing progess?
Thanks in advance
PS: I'm using windows 7

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The issue is likely to be in the bat animation the vampire is supposed to polymorph into so that it doesn't die.

Fix... don't know. Stake the grave before you go kill the Vamp. .. could work. Of course that's far more difficult. As you have to run though them to get to the grave. :p

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The fault should be in the mod, unmodded BG2:EE has no such problem. You could try replacing the bat with the floating cloud of gas.

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Unmodded BG2EE, Vampires have an Override script, VAMPIR01.BCS, that starts with:

ReallyForceSpellDead(Myself,VAMPIRE_GAS_FORM_CHANGE) // SPIN964.SPL (No such index)

You will need to use the EE version of Near Infinity for this.

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