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How to fix corrupted game


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I seem to have a corrupted copy of my save game for BG1 TOSC:

My Druid (Jaheera) and Cleric (Viconia) have only part of the level 4 spells that they should have. As far as I know this should not happen - they should automatically get all the spells for each level as they go up, correct?


Viconia is level 6

But for level 4 priest spells Viconia has:

Cure Serious Wounds

Free Action

Neutralize Poison

(no Animal Summoning 1, Mental Domination, Protection from Evil or Lightning, or most significantly Defensive Harmony)


Jaheera is level 5 fighter, level 6 druid.

But for level 4 druid spells (which she doesn't have access to yet, but...) she has:

Animal Summoning 1

Neutralize Poison

Cure Serious Wounds

(no Defensive Harmony or Protection from Lightning)


I tried to use the DLTCEP Editor to Check/Fix the Game, but that didn't help (although it reported many errors).

Anything else I can do?




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