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Updating IWDification for the EE games


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So, with the upcoming 2.0 patch, BGEE and BG2EE will apparently have all of the opcodes, triggers, and other resources that are in IWDEE. This means that (when installed in BGEE/BG2EE) the IWDification spells could be updated to fully reflect their IWDEE versions, instead of these 15-year-old versions. (Not to disrespect what's already in this mod - it's wonderful and I literally never play without it.) Also, we could add some other stuff that wasn't possible/feasible before, like the great 'Wall of Moonlight' spell. And I think it could include the Giant Beetle spell without the need for Infinity Animations.


So, I'm thinking about trying to tackle this, but I don't have a tone of free time. The question, then, is: anyone wanna help?



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