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Diriel flirt crash


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Hi, I'm so sorry for bothering. I'm new to this forum but I've been playing baldur's gate for forever and this is my first time playing Icewind Dale and this awesome mod. Loving it!

The mod was working smoothly and I had just gotten engaged to Diriel and I just started chapter 6 for a while when I realized that he hasn't flirted with my character at all since chapter 5.

I used Dale Keeper to take a look at this variables and his LateFlirt is still at 1 and the timer seems to be stuck. I don't know if there's something else that is preventing it from working or not or if I'm supposed to just give it more time, but I feel like the time between the engagement and entering the severe hand has already been pretty long.

I'm so sorry for the long post.. I just worry that I will have to start all over again.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or better yet, experienced, and fixed it?

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I have played this a few times: three of my play troughs were with full elf females. Driel seems to need a rival for his romance to fire correctly * Jamal or Riz *. He was trying to be persuasive when my elf was thinking of one of the others, when I did a him only play though it bogged down. Also having the pain in the neck bard in the party keeps dialogue going ( I call her Salmonella because it fits her so well ) .


If you have a save after the Ice Temple and before Dragons Eye, Most assuredly before Hitching a second ride in the balloon, it would be a decent test run try.


Good Luck

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