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SCS will not install on EE v2.0 - UPDATE: solved!

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As discussed here, with a .debug quoted:

Anyone able to figure out a hotfix? I tried, couldn't figure it out.

2.0 is required for SoD...
and SoD is required for EET...
and I highly doubt anyone wants to play EET without SCS. So this is kind of important.

UPDATE: this has been solved. Get the hotfix here:

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Tried the linked hotfix, still getting Error: Not_found on the AI initialize component, and SCS will not install.


This is a clean install with the new patch.


Tried re-installing, didn't change anything.


Tried without the hotfix, also doesn't work.


That's with SCSv30, freshly downloaded.




EDIT: Manually editing the code as posted here http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27910 worked!

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?? I just tested and it works fine.

You might fail to see that as there's more than one fix you need to apply, and none of them have them all in a single set, none of them actually work alone. But if you apply all of them by hand, of course they work.

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There's also an issue with the component "Reduce the number of Arrows of Dispelling in stores", I am not sure if it's 2.1-specific or 2.x in general.


The fix seem to be fairly simple (unless there are store files that do not actually end with ".sto"): change line 5 of item/dispelling_arrows.tpa to COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP ".*\.\sto" "%workspace%"


I don't know if the fix is maintained by anyone (subtledoctor?), but if it is, it should probably be included as well until DavidW comes back and updates the mod properly.

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