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:D I want to say no more, good work Minsc and good luck to you in the future!


If someone will have a difficulties to run out from that cursed a stupid trap in the Bridge District, on Insane difficulty, I will post the full battle tactic soon.

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That is ,


but I want say another thing (do no know why but I want to say about) If an information is 'obscured' this is not means that information is a true things.

And I do not like pictures that take more traffic then ~300 KB, because of my "super" internet connection. And you click on the last image in a my previous post in this topic to expand it.


That game "Masters of Magic" is cool or sucks? I have read little bit of WIKI , it is looks not good if it is comparing to BG, but BG has some a very boring, and a stupid mythology cliche too . . . ?

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Well for me, it will last as the best 4X game ever... the graphics are on todays standard are... ugly, but it was released in 1994. So.

This game contains only ~40 MB , so I can download it after half of day . . ., so I will try it.

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