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EET 1.0 ETA and stuff


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Would it be rude to ask for a general ETA (weeks or months) out of curiosity? Also some other questions ^_^


Currently, will IWD-in-EET be available around the launch of EET, or will it take a bit longer?


And how long would you guess it might be after the EET/IWD-in-EET launch before it's implemented into the BWS?


I'm waiting for Patch 2.2 before I play again, anyway. So I can get rid of those infernal black borders!



PS - You are a god, K4thos! =D

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Wow! Poor guy! I thought the 12-16 hour days might be temporary. Those are inhuman hours. I'd sleep straight through my days off.

yeah, it;s not all the time :) The problem in my case are contractual penalties (5% of the net remuneration for completion of a given order for each day of delay), which means very often working overtime to meet the deadlines.


The RC for 1.0 will be ready when I finish the SOD playthrough with the newest beta. Not sure how long it will take since I don't have time to play now.

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It's critical for K4thos's reputation and that of modding as a whole that the first release of a full EET works well. Hundreds of people will either be turned on or off of modding as a result. I advise not to take risks and fully test before realease. I advise to only hand early access to an experienced modder who can update and commit fixes to Github themselves.

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K4thos will know that any help he needs is just one PM away - depending on the stage his work is at it might just be easier to finish it then to lead and discuss with a team of supporters...

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