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Steam and GOG versions of SOD + EET?


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SoD uses a bunch of new files for the SoD expansion, including a new baldur.bcs, clastext.2da and racetext.2da. You can look it up in the file CAMPAIGN.2DA (the one hidden in the SoD archive).


I see thanks for clearing that up.


So I would basically have to append the last line of clastxt.2da to SODCLTXT.2da ..no idea though how to tell weidu to do that. I guess I'll wait till it gets added to the add _kit fuction or the fl#add_kit_EE macro. :)

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That's right. The files are pretty much the same except for new biography text and some minor textual corrections.

The CAMPAIGN.2DA is actually a pretty interesting feature for separating individual game segments from each other. I wonder why Beamdog didn't go one step further and use it to externalize ToB, the Black Pits campaigns or even the base games themselves in the same way. It would be much cleaner to retrieve the necessary files for modding dynamically instead of using hardcoded filenames.

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I wonder why Beamdog didn't go one step further and

The same old:

If it works, why break it. Games are just progressively made processes/games, and so having coded features in that work well enough, is not likely going to get a big pay out if you re-feature the mage class to be kit-able. From BG1. That's from 18 years ago.

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True, but it wouldn't break compatibility with older mods if they continue to use the same filenames that are currently hardcoded. Btw, they changed so much in the new v2.0 patch that it wouldn't make a difference if they had externalized all the game segments as well.

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