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Bugs and typos for v10


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It's not a bug but we noticed that RE doesn't user the iconv directory and all the stuff in order that foreign languages install properly for both BG2 and BG2EE.

just to remind you if you planned to update RE in a far future (with another language for example). :)

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I looked and I could not find a bug thread for version 11. I'm trying to get this mod to work on the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition an I'm finding out that installing mods makes the game refuse to launch. I've heard staggering amount of people that say this mod makes the game infinitely better and it would be disappointing if I could not experience it.


I bought the game on steam if that's an issue. The only thing is I don't know why it would be one. I bought Baldur's Gate 2 and added like 10 mods including its version of Romantic Encounters and it runs fine.

Should I just install an older version of the mod?

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No, the Baldur's Gate RE (bg1re) v1.5 is for the BG1 part of the game.


Looking at the RE v.11 installer it seems it doesn't have an install for BGII:EE? Did I imagine the mod to be updated to EE compatibility?

So the issue is that it simply isn't updated for the Enhanced Edition?

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This and maybe the question whether you used modmerge before installing mods. This should solve your problem for EE-compatible mods, at least. RE v11 doesn't seem to have EE compatibility, at least I don't see the text character transformation to utf-8 as it would be needed. This might work for the English version of the mod as long as it doesn't use special characters (like Faerûn).

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