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LT8 bug + cutscene bug going from strongold to ruins

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Hi there,



I'm using the last version of the game (1.023) and also the last version of the romance pack for nwn2 (v4).

I played everything with no bug until now :


The LT8 lines (Veedle speach) didn't came. Also i'm actually finished with the strongold for now and have to go to the ruins but a cutscene happen (i don't know whose) and stuck me on my actual map my main character cannot move afterwards.


I try to get in other location BEFORE trying ruins and it works, but getting from said other location to ruins and the cutscene happen again, stucking me again too. If i try after that to use one of my companions to get me into the map it work. If i get out after coming it work. If i try to re-enter the ruins after leaving the cutscene happen again.


I don't understand what's going on.

Plz help me, thx in advance.



PS : i'm french so plz bear with me if i do mistakes in english writing.

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It's been more than a month since i posted my SOS, i'm still stucked because i didn't played anymore waiting for help.

124 people viewed this topic. 96 people viewed my profile. But NO answer.

No answer from other players. No answer from the author.


Is this forum/mod dead or something ?

If that's the case how am i supposed to play a bishop romance correctly without that pack for OC and MOTB ?


Thx in advance.

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