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NPC preset levels question


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... so in fact large amounts of area scripts aren't showing up for me.

Some of them don't have real one even though it's assigned... but more importantly; What version of NI do you use ? And what is your override file location ? To find out in NI, just open up the Options -> Show Override Files -> xxx
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Sorry I took a while to get back to you:


NI version is 1.33 beta 20


This is what the BCS folder looks like (and it's pointed to the game folder in the Steam directory, as is DLTCEP). Notice the jump in numbers for the files. Override folder is in that directory within the steam folder.


I've got access to everything else, so it's not a location issue.

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Yeah, if you look the ar*.are files, where the * is a 4 digit number, you'll see that each of the first two digit area's, ar3300.are for example is a major area, the ar3301.are and so on, are minor areas, and it jumps to ar3400.are at some point. That's how the files are stored. Here's the exact facts actually.

The v1.33 beta 20 is not supporting the EE games... well the new file formats and what ever else... the last snapshot can be acquired from here, further details can be read from here.... not that it matters much on this case(that's an opinion, mine, I could be totally wrong).

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