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"Spellhold" - disappointed I am.


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  1. OMFG! What they have done with my party 'core member" :cry: ... Would be better enhance the game feature , like gameplay, but not mess with characters like they does with Khalid, Denaheira, and now... :( .
  2. If I will reload save-game file, and the I will fought so-stupid-called "JI" without the help of 'inhabitants' . THE WILL BE ALIVE AFTER THE BATTLE?
  3. Insane difficulty, tactics, SCS (hardest options), and still so-stupid-called "JI" is a wicked one. Really compare to foes that my party have the battles with, "JI" is a little bit more powerful than a casual bandit group... Especially after the *Sillya and Kagnaxx that is a frigging almost unstoppable killing machines.... Even the casual Bodhi-gang with an Ancient Vampire is a much more tougher than "JI" with the all hist spell... I though he must be an awesome opponent - on the cut-scenes he looks tough (of course an evil and stupid, but tough as well)
  4. This "JI" making the same trick that was in Durlag's Tower (Deamon Knight and his super-mirror). And I realized how my party is still weak :D .
    Diviner - My protagonist have no protective spells remembered (except "Shield" and "Mass Invisibility"), and my diviner have no protective scrolls, so there NOT my Diviner was just a meat... 1 Hit by Minsc, equipped with "Mace +3" x2 = "Badly Injured" hahahha, 35 HP - 8 Constitution, 10 AC - 8 Dexterity. this is a not for combat :D. Bu anyway he have an AWESOME arsenal of the very destructive AoE and deadly magic like a "Disintigration" , and what he doing?? He used almost absolutely useless "Remove Magic", and soon after falling.. - pathetic! The super SCS AI working well only if the magician have some prebuff, or at list protective spells remembered but on insane difficulty - DAMAGE > ANTI-MAGIC in most cases, the single "Skull Trap" or a "Ice/Fire Storm" can easily wipe out the half of my party...
    Ranger - was not so bad. Even switched to close combat weapon.
    Monk - was good , and really that was a fun to look how two Monks kicking each others, but 'evil' one not using his ability to "Flaming Fist" that is a not good,,
    Illusionist/Thief - was pathetic. Perhaps because he did not have an offensive spells, at least he can hit with "Magic Missile", but he did not..
    Shapeshifter - was a REAL threat. Not bad, not bad... I even thought I need to focus him with "Disintegrate" but he died from my allies. In general SCS with Shapeshifters on Insane is not so bad.
    Mage/Thief - little bit better than Illusionist, but also pathetic.

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