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Various consistency check issues


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I have no arguments about the magic level...



But. Considering how the engine works with the values of Thac0, or more like; how Thac0 values should work in the engine, it would be logical that the negative numbers would HAVE to work, and not just 0 ... 20. But more like -30 ... 30. Also, if memory serves, it might not, the AC has a hard limit of -10 for the non special attack type armor class at least for the party characters, the special being the armor bonuses(opcode #0, parameter 2 being bigger than zero).
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8) "Melee extended header #1 has charges, recharges or 'per day' flag" returns a false positive for items with melee charges. Which are basically 2 - staff of striking and neb's dagger. I haven't found any items with illegitimate charges.

It does catch a few items with per day recharge melee headers correctly.

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The reason I'm posting all this is that I've a pet project going slowsly, which aims to sanitize all game resources. Basically, same checks in weidu form + automatic fixes. It's largely based on lolfixer, which is in turn based on g3 debugging sute, cre fixer, etc.

So I'm trying to separate the "unusual" (but working) from "not working as expected" (a bug), or plain "crashing the game".

I am very interested in such a project. I tried reporting a lot of these type issues to Beamdog, but their response was generally a flat "We're not fixing anything that's not broken."


I can think of a few things I have found that aren't picked up by the usual checks/utilities. For instance, you may find 20916 and 20918 (originally discussed here) of interest in the Audio category. There is also 20982 in the Graphics department (discussion). I can think of a handful of others that you may or may not already know about. If you are interested in these or related issues, feel free to drop me a PM on any of the forums :)

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Removing unused resources will most likely cause compatibility issues with a number of mods, especially if the resources are available in the original games as well. A more prominent example is AR2700 in BG2 which is reused by a couple of mods.

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