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[Poll] XP Cap for different parts of the story



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As for your question: I think the game should contain the proper tables, even if that's outside the scope of EET. I do not think the game should have a cap, whether or not the tables are included (There are mods available that addressed these issues - I think BG2Tweakpack has functionality that deals with spell and HLA tables, and Weimer's Spell-50 mod (archaic)).

But those tables are not anything to do with the original BG2EE tables, they change the original content of the game, which is a tweak, which the EET itself should not do, only add the option to travel and have more adventure.

The tweak mods are for that. They alter the tables the way the player can read about if they have a readme file to read from. Or you can have a look at the .2da files themselves.

The EET should not be a mod you should go around and read the readme to decide which of the 163 variations of the XP cap removal tweaks you wish to apply to the game. This also has nothing to do with spells (their caps) or HLA tables. The game has a proper tables, the ones the BG2EE has ! Or if you wish, you can install any other mod you wish. The EET should not overwrite any of them, during it's install.


If you install the EET, you should only need to give the installer the SoD directory the BG2EE needs. And that's it. A preferred option is actually either the BG1EE or SoD directory, but that's a different topic.

Because it adds adventure, there's no tweaks, no cheats, not cheesy moments of 4th wall breakage. Just added game content.

If you wish to, you can then add all the 600 other mods that do all that cheese for you. This is how the BGT-weidu did it, so the EET should probably follow suit.

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There should be an option for that in EET Tweaks, no? (Personally I'm hoping to play with increased trap/lock XP right from the start, but also with reduced monster XP.)

Erhm, right... so 100 goblins give 100xp total and a trap disarming gives 20 000xp, one trap... erhm, I see no point in this at all.

The trap and locks should be consistent, ideally it's ~100xp per one and at a point it's reduced by 5xp per level until it's 0 at level 50(so it doesn't jump up at a random point like in the original..., at level 7, giving either 400xp or 3100xp bepending it you saved Jaheira and Minsc first or not, as Imoen levels up :p ). ... but that's a great for a tweaks mod(s), the EET itself should do nothing ... NOTHING to it, by itself. Same thing with the monsters, their xp can be set in a tweaks mods, EET tweaks, I ... there actually doesn't need to be one for tweaking the xp values, the Tweaks Anniversary mod can do that too to EET. And there it is consistent. And better it's adopted there for peoples choices, the better it's for all the games(1EE, 2EE, EET, the non-EE, BGT and so forth).

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- BG1 values

What BG1 values for traps and locks ? Those are zeroes in that game. In the originally remember ? That's why the 100xp per one would be the ideal. As there's quite many of them in bg1 areas, especially if you go and snoop and steal all the things in the towns.

And the BG2's are way too much ... also the mage scrolls .. there's a lot of them in the game, the BG1 had zero in that too.


And nope, your mod is not the only one that has done creature XP (quest XP and so forth), there's like 5 of those, I would prefer there were one in the Tweaks Anniversary, after all it would be the only pack to install(as a principle).

I even made one ... even if I would rather forget it. As reading a byte and writing on it is quite easy to do.

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EET tweaks already has a component for reducing all xp gains by an amount.


There is also a component to introduce progressive experience for traps and scrolls or use bg2 scroll xp all along.


It does kick in a bit late in the progressive version for my taste but I suggest you give feedback about this component that already exists.

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EET tweaks failed to remove altogether, or set XP caps individually higher, based on my EET RC5 install. It could be because I set the cap above 8M, but the remove all caps should have do it.


I suggest simply removing all the caps, as per the poll, and leaving-in the individual settings in EET tweaks, plus SoD, and IWDee when ready.


People doing manual EET installs, or BWS in the future, should be able to handle this setting, even if they're new.




Also, in order for this to not favour dual or multi-class too much, we need a recommended/compatible high-level mod, upto about level 50, including HLA's and spells for above level 40, and for multi-class characters. We need one that has EET in mind, for classes like Shaman, Dragon Disciple, and others brought-in by mods.

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