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Hello all,


I'm thinking of re-installing BG2 with mods, but I already have my own copy and I'm not that keen on getting EE.


As such, I don't really need the new beta version of Ascension for EE I've seen. I was wondering what the most stable version of the mod is for non-EE installs. Would that be the BP version? Or another?


I'm obviously mainly concerned about the old issues like the fixpack clash.



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Does anyone know what version that will find for me?

The last official, so basically v1.4.1, (as it's the same thing as 1.4.24 with a few more tra files), modified by the BiG World Fixpack which should iron out some of the huge bugs, so it works at least somewhat better in conjunction with mods such as SCS, aTweaks etc.

The BiG World Setup(BWS) is a setup program for your modified BG2 game, you don't need to download anything, install just the original game and then run the program, as it will do the downloading extracting and installing of mods and mod archives on it's own, according to the choices you make during the multi layered setup process.

PS, use the "Baldur's Gate 2 / Baldur's Gate Trilogy (BGT) Full Customization" -option in the second window, so you can choose the exact mods you wish to install.

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