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devSin's fixpack

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He's sent me a PM reply and is interested--I owe him a message back and need to set up access.


The fxpack itself is rather impressive--it looks like he's already converted Baldurdash, though the methodology differs in a few places (and there have been some "improvements" along the way). I've started trying to review and incorporate it with what we have so far.

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First question - the field in the .are file, which overrides a .cre name when set to 9 - is this listed in the IESDP? If not, would you care to post details in the IESDP update forum, along with anything else you know ;)

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Be posting the questions, and I'll be coming up with the answers.


There will be some places where I've not only fixed, but tweaked the behavior to suit my own personal preferences. They'll have to be rolled back so that it's only a bug fix.


I favor a "one-action, one-job" style, so some of the fixes are broken up into several blocks (like when adding effects or abilities, there will be one action for each new snippet, and then they get a pass through some universal action to update indexes and offsets). I also assumed a standard, no-Baldurdash, no-mod installation ('cause that's what I use), so there aren't any checks for "if x already exists, do nothing."


Hopefully there will be useful junk in there, as I covered all of Baldurdash, and all the bugs over at the FW forums.


The whole shebang (2.1M)

The Tp2 as text (468K)

The dialogue as text (240K)


If somebody wants to re-package as something other than stupid Tar/Gzip, rock on.

Send me the TAR and I'll put it into an NSIS installer.

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