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values for param1 / kit.ids entry in opcode 177


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I am trying to make a 177 effect that triggers an .EFF for a certain kit; but I want it to affect a mod-added kit.


When Parameter 2 is set to kit.ids, Parameter 1 has options in NI that look like this:


ASSASIN - 16394
BLADE - 16397



I don't know what value will be assigned to my mod kit, since I don't know a given player's mod list or order. So I figure I would make the .SPL with the 177 effect and then use ALTER_EFFECT to set it at install time:

COPY ~mymod/spell.spl~ ~override~

LPF ALTER_EFFECT INT_VAR match_opcode = 177 parameter1 = ?? STR_VAR match_resource = ~d5_rfxd~ END


I don't know how to fill out that function. I think Parameter 1 requires a numerical value, but I don't know how to derive that '16394' value. Do those values appear anywhere else, some table I can read to derive the number for my mod kit?

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Also, when you install a kit, according to WeiDU:



ADD_KIT sets the variable %internalKitName% to the number your kit occupies in kitlist.2da.


You could pass the values of these variables to parameter1.

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Those numbers are the same as the numbers used in kit.ids. 0x400A is 16394.

And it doesn't need translating? I could just read the entry in the last column in kitlist.2da (in EE) and pass that variable to the ALTER_EFFECT function?


@critto I'm not sure that would work, as I guess I need the IDS number, not the kitlist number. And I'm not sure the kit name could be used in the ALTER_EFFECT function, which requires an integer.

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@ subtledoctor:


EDITED: you are, of course, right. There's a gotcha. The value you have in the %internalKitName% variable is the value of the first column in kitlist which is the byte that is located at 0x246 offset of the creature file. The complete kit value is a dword, however. In case of assassin it's 10, which 0x0A in hex. When you get your variable after installing the kit, something like that is usually performed to assign the kit to a creature:

WRITE_BYTE  0x246 ~%internalKitName%~
WRITE_BYTE  0x247 0x40

This is also stated in the documentation: "This value is exactly 0x4000 less than the number your kit is assigned in kit.ids". So you can either look up the last column for a complete DWORD integer related to that kit or calculate manually when passing to the parameter1.

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