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Has anyone heard from K4thos?

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He hasn't been around for a month now. I know a month isn't a terribly long time, but I believe he said he just had to finish his SoD playthrough before EET v1 was ready to launch. Seems odd he wouldn't have at least given us an update since then.


I hope he's okay and just busy with RL stuff. I was just wondering if anyone's talked to him so we can at least know that he's alright.


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It seems like he has been active the last few days.

He's been online over at Beamdog yesterday and on June 30th so at least we know he is fine. Also, there is some hope we might get to try EET 1.0 in the near future.. :)

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I'm going to bump this since we're in a similar situation. Anyone has any idea what's going on ? He hasn't been on G3 or Beamdog's forums since the 10th of November.

We had some PM exchange also around that date in which he indicated some EET activities for the following weeks. But none of that happened and no sign of life since then. So the absence obviously was not foreseen.

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No news? :(

I think that K4thos has a job where they have to work 14 +/- hours per day.

K4thos probably got really busy, burned out, or both. They'll be Bach


when it comes to job I'm currently unemployed (well, on an extended annual leave for now) at least for this month - 1 year contract ended at the end of December and my boss is now participating in this year call for bids (public auction). My employment depends on the result. In worst case I will have TONS of time for modding :D


As for my absence I've indeed felt a little burned out when it comes to IE modding (not anymore) but spent it on learning the LUA language which btw. may prove useful when it comes to GUI modding for IE.


Sorry for the lack of posts and progress. Thank you very much for supporting the project.

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