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Some spell from V3, some from V4


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Hi, I don't like some of the changes made in SR V4, so I was wondering, it is possible to combine SR V3 and SR V4 by installing only some spell from Spell Revision V3 (for example only Finger of Death and Wail of the Banshee, excluding all the other spells via editing the spell_rev/setup-spell_rev.tp2), and then installing Spell Revision V4 on top of that excluding only the spells installed with V3? Do I risk to incur in some bug?


Thank you in advance for the answers.


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If you try to install the same component from the same mod multiple times (with different versions), WeiDU will be confused and think you have already installed that component. I like Fiann's suggestion, if you're comfortable enough messing around with .tp2 files to sort out how to extract the changes you want into a separate mod.

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