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EET 1.0 Release Candidate 12 up on GitHub

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@Azoth, thanks for the report. This was a regression introduced in RC12, not related to other mods. It's fixed in RC12.1.


  • fixed regression introduced in RC12 - rest interruption text in ARE file format
  • Czech translation by Vicq
  • updated French translation by Chevalier Noir
  • updated links in the readme file
  • EET_end.tp2 and EET_gui.tp2 now exists in dedicated folders before installation (requested by AL|EN for Project Infinity)


No point in re-installing, unless you can't stand missing rest interruption strings in BG1 areas.

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First post, and I hope I did not bork things. I installed cdtweaks after eet, and I was wondering if it was intentional to keep the xp cap in black pits 1? the xp cap, as I recall, was 600k.

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additional info

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Small issue with all CLASTEXT.2DA files (BGCLATXT, SODCLTXT and CLASTEXT): They contain a corrupted entry where symbolic kit name is missing (around lines 72-76). It's most likely the OHTYR_OLD entry.

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