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Windows builds are back!


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Even if what it says is true, it's not intentional. The buildbot uses a bunch of 32-bit dependencies and doesn't specify a 64-bit compiler, so it'd be really odd and wouldn't work at all. I'm pretty sure it also worked with 32-bit wine when I was setting it up.


Anyway, I've added a debug print to display the target and after some fiiddling, appveyor confirms it is doing 32-bit builds.


So the error is misleading. Something else is wrong. Do you perchance have a compiler set up?

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I retried with wine. All I had to do was install the ms visual runtime 2013, since wine didn't implement one of the functions yet. You probably already have it installed.


Then I just set the plugins and cache path in the sample config and it ran far before realising I didn't point it to any game. So all is fine. I'll adjust the build bot so the path part is not necessary in future builds.

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