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Bill Bisco

Updating the IESDP

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Uff, this migration is going faster than anticipated. After a few initial hiccups, it's mostly about running my script over the remaining pages and checking for errors. Some small non-RE bugs have already been fixed too. :) It looks like I'll be able to catch up soon and then the interesting structural stuff can continue.


feel free to add todos, wishes:


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A few thoughts:

- I'm unconvinced hosting on github is the correct solution for the IESDP, however it's better than no updates.

- Make sure to keep the forum as an easy to access public peer review process, the amount of junk that get's speculated / flat out made up is high.

- Please try and keep the spelling / grammar reasonable. Please.

- I've temporarily uploaded some older versions of the IESDP here: http://igidata.com/temp/iesdp/ I have some older versions in a CVS repository somewhere, but the chance of retrieving those is near zero.


- Add area minimaps to area references

- Add worldmap to area references

- Add sample animations to Avatar Naming pages

- Add CLUA screenshot to CLUA pages

- Add spell icons to spell pages

- Tokens for IWD1, PST

- Detail lightmaps

- Actions - link #242 to stats.ids (IWD1, IWD2)

- Rewrite triggers (BG1, BG2, IWD1, IWD2, PST)

- Improve grammar BCS, DLG, INI

- Add missing 2DA files

- Label probability 1 and probability 2 as low bound and high bound

- Document file precendence: plt -> bam / vef -> vvc -> bam

- Document inventory bam sequences: sequence 0 = large, sequence 1 = small

- Document disease (IIRC implemented via effect with primary type = 16)

- Note the correct slots in IWD2 slots.ids (not jhust miscx)

- IWD2, use ClassEX not class_ALL

- Document the known empty scripting actions

6 - (crash)

12 - (crash)

32 - (empty)

35 - (empty)

- Document the DeathMatch actions

303 73 82 - DeathMatchPositionGlobal(S:Areaname*,P:Dest*,I:Player*)

304 73 82 - DeathMatchPositionArea(S:Areaname*,P:Dest*,I:Player*)

305 73 82 - DeathMatchPositionLocal(S:Areaname*,P:Dest*,I:Player*)

- Include the BG1 sound slot info: http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/Tutorials/bsoundsets.php

- Document spells removed when importing a character into BG2 (i.e. WIZARD_DELETED / SPWI801)

- Document how the 'write magic' button appears (i.e. type = scroll, with 2 extended headers)

As well as the various changes and updates for the EE releases.

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Cool, nice of you to show up and thanks for the old versions. I've added your list to the tracker as a long checklist. Making the forum more obviously accessible is already on it, but I'll add short contribution guidelines to make it obvious.

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Progress report:

- imported all old versions and rebased on them

- Argent77's ee stuff is in too

- backend / structural fixes&changes (changelog in readme: https://github.com/lynxlynxlynx/iesdp )


While doing the opcode jump menus, I also noticed totl has the wrong effect count or two effects are missing (less likely).

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Great work so far! I've noticed a small visual glitch on several pages though. The quickjump button appears to "remove" a portion of page data as seen in the screenshots (tested on Firefox). The cleared content doesn't recover even when you scroll up or down.

post-3876-0-64207200-1471262149_thumb.png post-3876-0-91245500-1471262154_thumb.png


While doing the opcode jump menus, I also noticed totl has the wrong effect count or two effects are missing (less likely).


Both DLTCEP and NI allow only IWD:ToTL opcodes up to 296, so you can probably fix the end effect number on the overview page.

Edited by argent77

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That eraser block is a workaround, so iesdp doesn't require javascript to hide the jump button when not scrolled down. If we agree that javascript is a go, it's easy to make this perfect.


Noted. In our effects.ids, we have 299, so I'll need to compare some more.

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I've been churning at this for the past month and here are the results:

- opcodes are now stored as split files (_opcodes dir), which also means some were merged

- opcode listing now uses references to other variants and some colored notes (many NB and similar remain, though)

- opcodes now use correct hex numbers

- zip download reinstated


The opcode split was mostly to see what can be done and to check if anything is interesting for gemrb. There are still plenty of structural improvements possible, some noted on the tracker.


If nobody objects, I can transfer this to the G3 org on github and it can become the new upstream. I've already added some simple guidelines as discussed earlier.


Rich example:



Full notes:


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Nicely done. I'm in favour of moving it to the G3 org.


I don't know about all the style changes but I'm sure they can be discussed.

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Great work!

I've noticed one issue though. The link to main.css in the html pages is pointing to an absolute path which causes issues if you access them locally from the offline IESDP archive.

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Try now, I've added another link. It's trivial to change things now, since templates are used.


Mike: per github, I'd need to have admin rights to the organisation for the transfer. Since the repo will change, I'll probably have to regenerate the deployment secrets, but that's about it.

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Ok, should be fine now. I'll start the move ...


Edit: arrgh, it's moved. But the displayed version isn't ok, despite both local versions behaving properly. Looking into it ...

Edit2: DONE; also found and fixed a 404 from before (iwd clownran.ids)

Edited by lynx

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