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Typos: IR v4 Beta

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Strong Arm's description is incorrect.


Here it is :


This massive bow was the property of the ranger Bearpaw, who reportedly received it from a strangely benevolent ogre. The reason for the gift was never discussed, but he earned the respect of everyone he met, and likely befriended the creature while patrolling the Cloakwood Forest. Bearpaw could draw back the bowstring without the slightest effort, but when he died it was bequeathed to his wife and sons, and not a one could draw the string even halfway. They eventually sold it to a merchant heading south.


THAC0: +2 bonus
Damage: +30 bonus
Weight: 4
Speed Factor: 10
Proficiency Type: Long Bow
Type: 2-handed
Requires: 19 Strength


The item does +12 dmg and not +30(thank god :D)

What other infos are useful for item descriptions ?

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