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Bug Reports: IR v4 Beta

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On 5/18/2023 at 6:22 PM, Bartimaeus said:

Gauntlets of Parrying: You made sure to check your character sheet (somewhere near the bottom) to look for the specific vs. damage type AC bonuses/penalties before and after equipping the gauntlets?

Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise: Someone else once complained about this for the IR Revised thread, and I'm fairly certain the issue is that the the bonus melee damage does actually work regardless of the inventory/character sheet display being incorrect. I believe I tested it out by setting the bonus to 100, seeing that nothing changed, then actually attacked an enemy and they immediately exploded because of the +100 damage.

I think you are right on both counts, I didn't know that the specific adjustment would only appear in the bottom of the character sheet. I have been using the gauntlets and they seem to be working correctly with damage as well! thank you!

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