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recolored Magic Missile - possible?


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I'd like to make a variant Magic Missile spell. I have a recolored .BAM file for the animation, and I can export the Magic Missile .PRO file and make the new projectile use my new animation. But the spell itself does not appear to use the MAGICMIS.PRO; looking in NI I see that it uses "Magic Missiles 1" and "Magic Missiles 2" etc., which do not appear in the list of projectiles.


I guess I could use the Force Missiles projectile from IWDEE... but I'd prefer something unique. (This mod might eventually end up on IWDEE, and then the two spells would look the same.)

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I think even iwdee had this feature (the force missiles are unhardcoded, you can have any number of multi missile groups), but 2.0 has slightly more projectile options. For documentation... not much, the flags are mostly the same as in gemrb, though.

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