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checking stat ranges in opcode 326


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I'd like to target spells based on have a certain range of DEX scores.


- I could have one spell use 326 with DEX >= x which casts another spell that uses 326 with DEX < y


- I could add a line to SPLPROT.2da for DEX = #, and then have separate spells using 326 defining the bonus for each and every value of DEX


- I could use DEX >= x, DEX >= y, etc, for each value of DEX where the bonus increases, and simply have all the bonuses stack


- I could add a line to SPLPROT.2da using stat 0x103 to combine two other entries, DEX >= and DEX <, to cast a single spell with a bonus for a range of DEX scores.


The last option seems way more efficient, and it seems like stat 0x103 was purpose-built for this kind of use. But, how do I pass two 'value' arguments along to the >= and < conditions?


Would I have to add two more lines to SPLPROT.2da for each range of scores I want to effect? Three extra lines for each score range seems inefficient. Is there a downside to doing this? Is the number of potential lines in SPLPROT.2da limited?

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Use the sprprot primitive that merges 2 lines. Sadly you cannot use parameter1 for both of them. So one of them should be "hardcoded" into the splprot entry.

The potential line #'s are limited only by the 32 bit value of parameter2 (or the storage capacity of the computer).

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