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Quick Item Mapping=0, what does this do?


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From BG2's Power Users.txt :

Found in [Game Options]:

Quick Item Mapping=1

When activated, only the abilities from items in the quick 
item slot can be mapped.  When deactivated, any ability 
from any item can be mapped into the quick item slot.
This sounds to me as if deactivating this option should allow you to place an item ability, e.g., from a weapon or ring, in one of the 3 quick item slots (which sounds as if it could be useful).

But the only behavioral difference I find with Quick Item Mapping set to 0 is that the items from the 3 quick item slots are duplicated in the use item (F8) menu (which feels not useful at all).


Is this option implemented correctly?

What's the intended use?

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Do you actually have an ring or a weapon that has an ability ? Like ones a day casts invisibility, haste etc ? And the like. And it won't consume the item. As the items that get consumed should be by default be place-able to the quick icon slots. So it needs to be not one of them.

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