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Help with the journal for BGEE?


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Hello everyone. I'm preparing a small mod, and I'd like an explanation, or better yet a basic example, of using Weidu to create journal entries and then evoking them from within dialogue. The basic Add... action I'm familiar with, but it's Weidu that worries me. And all of the tutorials and explanations for this seem to have disappeared, including one that used to be on this site. So what do I write in the tp2 file and in the d file?

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Since the game was upgraded to v2.3, all mod journal entries only go to the *journal* part of the journal, even if you classify them as QUEST.

There is a WEIDU upgrade in the works to correct that, so that quests will appear in the correct part of the journal.

We just have to wait for it.


So, if you use the method described for EE games, it does not fully work at the moment, but you should just keep it and wait for the next Weidu version

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