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Version 7 Now Available


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This is mostly a bugfix release. Isaya identified and fixed a number of bugs relating to EE compatibility. He also provided an updated French translation!


You can download the latest version of Song and Silence in the download center or you can check it out on GitHub.


The full change log is below.



  • Updated to latest version of fl#add_kit_ee function for compatibility with EE 2.0
  • Corrected errors with usage of HANDLE_CHARSETS (thanks Isaya)
  • Corrected encoding errors in English .tra files (thanks Isaya)
  • Corrected descriptions that displayed duplicated usability info on EE (thanks Isaya)
  • Corrected typos in kit and item descriptions


  • Updated WeiDU to v239
  • Updated French translation (thanks Isaya)


  • Replaced outdated HANDLE_CHARSETS function with the updated one included in WeiDU
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