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Windows 10: Original BG2 Crashes When Selecting Class in Character Creation

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I noticed my unmodded game crashing during character creation when choosing a class. Clicking Fighter, Cleric, Druid, or Bard caused a crash, but clicking Wizard or Sorcerer did not.

It happened in both a disc-based Baldur's Gate II installation and a GOG installation. (Not the Enhanced Edition.)

I updated to Windows 10 a couple of months ago and I hadn't noticed any crashes before, even though I had run the game a few times and tested sample mod code (creating new ToB games, spawning items, that sort of thing).

After trying to pin down the problem, I discovered it could be fixed by running bgmain.exe in Windows 7 compatibility mode. (Right click the file, go to Properties and the Compatibility tab, then Run this program in compatibility mode with Windows 7.)

I'm posting this as a reference for anyone who might have experienced a similar problem.

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