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Disabling bard song?


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Is this fro regular BG2 (SoA+ToB) or EE game?

For regular, there's no such thing as remove things from the action bar. You can disable the key from use via opcode 144*, but the menu structure is probably in the bgmain.exe with a tie-in to the character class, along with the .chu and .bam files, and you won't be getting into their actions without the source code access that no one has.


* And even if you disable a key, various things can still use the underlined commands in it. So disabling it from the monsters, or from characters controlled by a script has no effect on them.

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Opcode 144 can disable bardsong, in EE (SoD or later). (option 10).

You sure about that ? That it works that way in SoD(I don't have it at hand so I can't go and check)... so for example a script can't use the ability, if it's disabled to the player by the opcode 144. As disabling the key just makes the key inactive in the normal BG2. Aka the character is free to sing as long as a scripts starts it, which is easy to do as you can just have a timer for the character have that checks if it has any commands and if it doesn't, it will begin singing after a turn to do something.

This would be essential to counter hostile bards ... if the game had any, it doesn't(at least not before SoD) so it's not that particularly needed for now... but.

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No, Jarno, maybe i've dreamt it.

If you had doubt about it, why did you bring it up in the first place???

What i actually meant: opcode 144 can disable the bardsong button ONLY in SoD or later. And I'm very sure about that, because it was added (by me) to support the shaman :D

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