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I can believe that cutting 75% of baldur.bcs would give a speedup on low-end hardware. But probably only 5% can be cut safely.

On a non-Fixpacked, vanilla BG2 install which I used to no-reload speedrun BGT (failed vs Abazigal but whatever) I reduced approx 1500 code lines to less then 300. Ofc, what I do isn't applicable for a game studio that gives you romances/Lirarcor banters and similar, but still....Habib? Does the Jaheira romance viability (RACE - human, elf etc.) really need to be checked over and over again? Can't this be done at starting area once to set the global and leave it be? It's probably possible to set it via dialogue with her as well.


Habib and the romance checks are in the 5%. But most of it looks like "spawn this creature when this condition is met" and the like. (To be fair I'm looking at EE, not vanilla.)

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