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modding strongholds


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Anyone familiar with this? We have a mod that sets up a particular cleric/ranger kit as a druid/ranger, and it works extremely well in most ways (appearance in the record screen, spell access, shapeshifting, item usability) except it still gets the cleric stronghold.


So, how are strongholds determined? Is there some script or dialogue I can edit to make it check for


[class = druid OR kit = my_new_kit]


... or something like that?

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Actually I'm not worried about the cleric stronghold, rather I want to make the druid stronghold available to certain cleric kits. (And in a different mod, I want to make the bard stronghold available to certain thief kits.)


I hear that about intensive modding, but there's no reason I shouldn't be able to join in, is there? Modding strongholds isn't "owned" by certain modders? In any event I imagine this should be done that could be done in a non-destructive/non-overwriting manner, no? DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH, and APPEND, or somesuch? (I know very little about modding dialogs...)

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