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pleaaaase D:


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Well, only K4thos can answer that. But I would assume that that's not the case. See, for example, the IWD-in-BG2 was made without a patch or a darn thing. Just like the Tutu, BGT, and how long list do you want to believe that one can just add stuff from another game to the second... you need to know what you are doing, but there's no need to patch the IWDEE, for that to happen.

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oh well ok :/ thanks for the awnser, it would be nice to play it before 2017 ^^ cant wait to explore faerun in one big game ! have a nice day to all d&d fan



I'm not 100% sure but I think IWD in EET needs IWDEE to update to 2.0 so it might not be in 2017. Not sure though but it would make sense.



Is the above true; i.e. does Beamdog need to update IWD:EE for this epicness to become reality? I have no desire to play IWD as a standalone, but IWD-in-EET (IWD2 as well???) just seems too awesome not to play....

According to the information published in the various parts of this forum and based on the support me (and some other interested modders) have received from k4thos to extend their EET mods into IWD, there is no need to have any updated version of IWD for the introduction into EET.


The reason for slight delay is just the setting of priorities (stable EET first) and a bit of real life - not waiting for an IWD update.


At least this is the case for IWD1/HoW. (Things for IWD2 are not so clear yet, at least not for me.)

For IWD1 there will be *just* an import of the various resources from IWD into BG2EE/EET (+ *a bit* of *glue* to enable transition into the extra areas and plots), thus present IWD 1.4 is sufficient.

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