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Adventurer clash with Song and Silence

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[x-posted to Song and Silence]

The README for Song and Silence states that if you've kitted Imoen or Nalia as Adventurers in the NPC Kitpack, that mod will update them to its own version of the Adventurer kit. This in fact happens; the relevant CRE files are tagged with A!Adventurer as they should be. But when either Imoen or Nalia join your party, you'll find that they've reverted back to their NPC kitpack versions. This is due to the override scripts that have code like so for Imoen:

    RESPONSE #100
        ReallyForceSpellRES("IKitImo1",Myself) // No such index

There's slightly different but equivalent code of you've asked for them to have specialist mage kits as well. Affected scripts are:







I've taken to commenting out the offending sections, which seems to work well enough.

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I have some troubles after having installed this mod with a megamod. I've already spent two days readings faqs, readme's and forums as to which mods could go along others, so my (3rd) installation was quite succesfull. Now i'm looking for bugs and i found that Imoen don't get her adventurer's kit at all. Here's my log from the installation https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_CEJ7LDWDWsw5CKkNtCoZeW_aVMa_yCt?usp=sharing All components have been installed without errors, but Imoen is still considered a thief. Did i missed something, or is there still incompatiblities between RR, S&S and this mod ?


Edit : So i've made some further investigations, like a fresh installation, and if i try to install it manually on a BG2 EE only some component's don't work at all, I can now choose the Battlerager class at character creation, but not the adventurer, and neither does Imoen. She seems to have the +20% bonus from the class but she still has a backstab x3 mult although the Adventurer is supposed to set it at 1. I'm quite disapointed right now. How is that possible that only some components are working ? Did i missed something on proper installation ?

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