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A way for caster-specific spells and abilities


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Some time ago I asked at Spellhold and on the Beamdog forums how to make spells and abilities that would represent something about the caster, such as his Strength score or alignment. Everybody knows how to represent something about the target - you put in an Apply Effects List filter or a Use EFF File filter and link them to additional spells. But what about the origin? What if I want the ability to work differently when used/cast by a woman, for example? I didn't get a good answer. This is something I've found out, and it answers that question. I decided to put it up here so it might see wider use. I don't believe it is common knowledge.


The explanation: a Spell Ability with Living actor or Any Point Within Range as the target will throw at it all effects it contains - even those whose own target is not "Preset target" but "Caster." By including an Apply Effects List effect directed at "Caster" (and choosing your condition there) you make the spell consider the caster's properties before launching the linked SPL; but it is still launched at the original target, not at the caster. You can use this for various combinations and reflect various facts about the caster (kit, abilities etc.). For example, to make a spell work differently for men and women, you would:


1. Create an SPL.

2. Create a Spell Ability with "Living actor" or "Any Point Within Range" as the target.

3. Make two Apply Effects List effects inside with "Caster" as target.

4. Choose different sexes for the AELs and link them to different SPL files.


(In this particular case you might want to make some further provisions for sexless creatures. The list of conditions in AEL is imperfect overall, someone who makes a mod to expand it will do all modders a service. But most things are there.)

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