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Opcode 83 (protection from projectile)


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This opcode does not protect against area of effect projectiles (if word at 0x8 = 3 in the .pro) regardless if it was launched via an item or spell.


There is a way around this however: if the explosion projectile (word at 0x21a in the .pro) in an area of effect projectile is used then the creature will be unaffected by the explosion if the explosion projectile is used in opcode 83.


For example, protection from projectile #2 (ARROWEX.pro used in AROW06.itm) does not protect against Arrows of Detonation. ARROWEX.pro however uses projectile 78-(Invisible traveling)+1 as the explosion projectile so protecting against projectile type 78 will protect against ARROWEX.pro. Note that many other projectiles use projectile type 78 so protecting against this projectile will block many other projectiles as well. It is up to the modder to create additional single-target explosion projectiles.


Also note that this opcode only protects against effects applied via the projectile. Effects using targettype (1-Self) are never blocked.

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