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Fixed: Bug reports with WeiDU v171, v172


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Just a quick note for y'all. G3 Tweaks v8 and Tutu Tweaks v9 were written with WeiDU 169. Somewhere shortly after, WeiDU changed how it handles handling of small files, which now causes these two mods to extremely wonky and many components fail if you use WeiDU v171 or v172 (not sure if v170 does it too, but I suspect yes). G3 Tweaks v9 and Tutu Tweaks v10 will address this issue; they are recoded and ready to go but I am doing some final testing on them. I expect they should be out no later than the weekend.

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I just tried reinstalling BG2 + TOB, along with a number of mods including this one, last night to pick back up where I left off once upon a time. I encountered this error myself. Now I'm anxiously awaiting the release of v9. Any chance of this happening...tonight? Say within an hour or two? ;)

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The bug with Reveal Wilderness Areas Before Chapter Six turned into a much, much bigger coding job than I anticipated. I could have done it half-ass and had it out yesterday, but since I don't do things half-ass... ;)


It's out now.

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I'm still having problems with Tweaks v. 10 using Mac-Weidu 171. I tried to uninstall Imp. Bodhi and got this sequence:


Install Component [improved Bodhi]

[R]e-Install, [N]o Change or ninstall or [Q]uit? u


Removing [improved Bodhi] (component #4)


[G3TWEAKS.TP2] PARSE ERROR at line 329 column 11-20


syntax error


[G3TWEAKS.TP2] ERROR at line 329 column 11-20



ERROR: parsing [G3TWEAKS.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error

ERROR: This Mod is too old (or too new) to uninstall that component for you.

Upgrade to the newest versions of this mod and that one and try again.


ERROR: Failure("uninstallation error")


Hope that this is useful.



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