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BGT Weapons proficiencies not available upon joining


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I have SCS "allow player to choose NPC proficiencies and skills" installed, and some elements of Level1NPC (like making stats consistent), but nothing that changes kits.


When Minsc joined my party, he was level 0 with enough XP to take him to level 3. He had the two points in two-weapon style that come with Ranger, but only one point available to distribute, and no other proficiencies already assigned. If it's working properly, I should be able to assign 4 or 5 proficiency points, right?


Same thing happened with Shar-Teel, who I picked up early from the "move NPCs to more convenient locations." She started at level 0, gained enough to go to level 3, but I wasn't given any points to assign, so a level three fighter had literally no weapon proficiencies.


Any suggestions? I can fix Minsc with shadowkeeper, but is there a way to fix this so I don't have to do that for every NPC I encounter from now on?



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Use either or.. not BOTH.

Say you pick the Level 1 NPCs, you also should install the NPC component and pick the points you like. AND NOT install the SCS component that allows selections of weapon proffs by setting the NPCs level to zero.

Or: Don't even dream of using the Level 1 NPC and instead only use the SCS component.


This will fix the problem you get from two non interchangeable mods that do the same thing totally other ways than it's in the (vanilla) game.

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Yeah... but, the fact that people do this should just make them learn to not do so anymore. And were people to read the SCS readme, they should guess that it might be a bad idea to install the Level 1 NPCs components with that component, but it's not like the file could state the obvious any more clear, to people that do not read it.

PS, the mods have co-exist a long time and this is nothing new, nor are they any more in active production... updates yeah, but that's for the updater to consider.

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Would uninstalling Lvl1NPC entirely solve the problem for NPCs I haven't encountered yet?


In fact I did read the documentation for both mods--carefully--and there's no indication that the two are incompatible, especially because they do different things. I did guess that they would handle prof points differently, which is why I didn't use Lvl1NPC to alter prof points--I just used it for options that SCS does not provide. I've read a lot of posts in various forums about mod install orders, and I've never seen a conflict mentioned.


At any rate, it sounds like the answer is the two are fundamentally incompatible, so hopefully just removing Lvl1NPC entirely will do the trick.



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