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Hi everyone. I need some help with a weird bug. I'm playing a game with NPC Strongholds and a few other mods (stratagems,etc) and things have been running smoothly until just recently.


At the end of the Planar Sphere quest, Imoen rejects Teos' offer before imprisoning him somewhere, and she says to the PC, "so much for that.....(we ask her where she sent him)....somewhere on this plane....(etc)". Well, after taking care of several other quests, I just finished defeating Bodhi in her lair. Normally at this point Imoen will say something about regaining her soul, but now she's repeating her Teos dialogue to me every few seconds.


I tried a couple of things like removing her from the party before staking Bodhi's grave, and also engaging her in conversation first, but none of it worked. I can go no further in the game (the way I'd like to) until this is resolved. I must have Imoen in the party! I must!!


Is there any way to bypass her dialogue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,




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That would probably fix it, but give me a day and I'll fix the bug and put out a new version (unless I can't find the bug here, which would surprise me).


Edit: Or less than a day. The version up now should fix that bug, as well as the Keldorn bug.

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Thank you Kish. Where can I find the new version at exactly? Will I need to uninstall the current version first, and will it mean starting the game over or starting from my last save before finishing the Planar Sphere quest? It'd be great if I could just continue where I was, because I had done quite a bit after the sphere before fighting Bodhi. I was prepared to start from the Planar Sphere again, but using the powerful sword cheat to help me "quickly" get back to where I was.

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If you uninstall your current NPC Strongholds mod and install that one, you should be able to pick up right from there. The problem is that I neglected to put a "did I say this before?" check on that line, so that the game is doing this:

"Bodhi is dead and Imoen hasn't said anything about it yet. Imoen, speak to the PC."

Imoen says the most immediate thing on her mind. It's about how she dealt with Teos.

"Bodhi is dead and Imoen hasn't said anything about it yet. Imoen, speak to the PC."

Imoen says the most immediate thing on her mind. It's about how she dealt with Teos.


With the new version she'll talk about how she dealt with Teos once more in your game and set a variable that notes she's said it (which, in future games, will get set the first time she says it). Then when the game tells her to say something, she'll look for something else to say, and presumably find her usual line about Bodhi.


(Bugs like this are why it's a pity I couldn't do beta-testing.)

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This is a very nice way of explaining how the stutter bug works. I always start explaining with saying things like "the dialogue file is being checked for a true dialogue from top to bottom" and "missing check variable" which presumably is too much tech babble for someone not into modding.

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Thank you so much Kish! It worked (Imoen didn't even say the Teos dialogue) and now I'm finished with Bodhi's lair and ready to take on the Shadow Dragon. :) I'm now technically all done with the NPC strongholds (I had Mazzy, Aerie, and Minsc besides my own - paladin) and I enjoyed them all very much. You did a great job Kish.

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Hi, just completed the Unseeing Eye quest and brought Anomen back to the Helm Temple to pick up his Cleric Stronghold. Just spoken with Acolyte Byron, screen dimmed and we're waiting for the first person to come in to tell Ano his issues, but the game has stalled there. I can see movement, but my menus have disappeared, as has Anomen, and the person is a no show.


I've attached a screenshot of the stall and also my weidu log. I do have a few other mods installed.


I've just given the mod an uninstall/reinstall - but it didn't fix the stall.


Am enjoying the mod so far (have given Jan the Thief Stronghold).



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