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Initiative (mod)


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This mod brings an adapted system of initiative from the pen-and-paper AD&D game to the Infinity Engine games. It should be compatible with all Enhanced Edition games, and perhaps non-EE versions too, but I make no promises.

It works as follows: 2 seconds after a fight begins, a random range of bonuses and penalties is applied to the party, allies and enemies. They affect movement, weapon and casting time speeds, quickening or slowing the participants - sometimes mildly and sometimes drastically. The changes last one round, followed by another 2 seconds of "free time." This short period is meant to encourage everyone to act right away and brave the adjustments as they come (an equivalent of declaring actions before the initiative roll in pen-and-paper) rather than sit back and wait to see whether they end up quickened or slowed (an equivalent to choosing to act last in the round in pen-and-paper), although the latter choice might make sense if one hopes for a good initiative roll that will speed up a slow tactic. This pattern repeats until the end of combat.

With initiative luck becomes a factor, and best tactics become only best guesses. You can no longer absolutely rely on interrupting an enemy caster with a quick spell, unless you cast it in the very beginning of the round, but you also stand a better chance of getting in a long spell of your own before you are interrupted. An ogre's morningstar is no longer a bough casting a pleasant shade for several seconds before it finally swings, but a two-handed sword of the party may fly faster as well. On some rounds there may be no adjustment up or down. This scattering is not utter chaos. Slow actions still generally happen after quick ones. Nonetheless, by the nature of this mod, it is not recommended for those who like to plan their fights in advance exactly, solving challenges like puzzles. Given the uncertainty, the choice of the action with consideration of its natural speed - and distance to cross - is now much more crucial.

The most extreme bursts of speed and drags of slowness are indicated by the Haste and Slow icons on characters' portraits, but you are not told how it fell with the enemies.

Initiative does not:

  • Change THAC0, damage or Armor Class
  • Give extra attacks - nor does it take attacks away
  • Alter regular hasting and slowing spells and effects
  • Prevent free-action effects from normalizing movement speed (but you might find that a bit flat)
  • Affect the speed factor of items, bard songs or turning undead.

Have fun!


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