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Looking to enable attacks immediately


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For spells there is opcode 188 and "Aura Cleansed." And for weapons? If there isn't a ready way to make someone immediately attack at his regular speed, let's think about what sets attack intervals. What marks the start - and end! - of a round. As I said in the other thread, in addition to the counting the engine does up there in the sky, everyone's personal round begins when he attempts an attack. See it for yourself - turn on the autopause and send a character to swing at someone. The first thing you'll see is the End of round message, curiously. Maybe it's really the Beginning of round. From this point the engine somehow counts off the six or so seconds on the beads, during which we do what we do. Then the next round begins.


It's really interesting that this personal round count is tied to the character's action (attack). It is as if time begins when the character acts. Does it mean that time ends when the character ceases to act? What if he was somehow cut off in the middle of a round? Not by death - that doesn't do it - but by something that throws off the timer of the engine?


The end of combat might do it. Can it be forced? Let's say all enemies disappeared in a puff or became untargetable. All in Sanctuary. Would that put the combat counter to 0?

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every end of a round is a beginning of a new one. :)


incrementing counters by 1 is not something the engine will fail at.


combat counter resets with a bit delay, once combat is over - noticed when the music fades out.

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You mean this:









This might do as a trigger, with something else, but I want an action that will "end" the combat for the character. Really, if everybody gets hidden in a Sanctuary...

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