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Where did it go?!


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Well I've answered my own question. The door is now located directly beside the Adventure Mart, IF you are entering Waukeen's Promenade for the first time. The door is accessible coming straight out of Castle Irenicus, but not in a later game save. You cannot it seems add Aran to an in progress game past the first dungeon, at least on my install.

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More bugs maybe. Nothing game breaking.
1) His star conversation triggered inside Valygar's cabin. During the day. And then forced a 'dungeon rest'.

2) So this one was weird, and I'm not sure its Aran's fault. He is the last mod I added and this didn't happen in the playthrough without him. When I entered the theater for the first time the theater was empty as if I'd already completed the quest, and I was approached about taking it over. You can still get Haer'Dalis by going to Merkrath's home directly. Once he's dead H strikes up a conversation and takes you back to the playhouse and the quest continues on as normal.

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