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Automated Install of Tweak Pack v16?

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Hey everyone,


I am using the BG2 Tweaks (v16) with SoA and ToB. Since I only install a relatively small portion of the Tweaks (31 components),

I was wondering if there is a way to automate the install?

So something like a script where I can say like "install only #60, #110, #1170, ..." and so forth, without having to manually do it.


By the way, the stuff is working really really good, a very big Thank You to all the authors!

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Yes, there's a whole tool for "automated Infinity mod installs" to the Infinity Engine games, it's called "BiG World Setup" or BWS, and no, it doesn't use the BG2 Tweakpacks anymore, but the Tweaks Anthology. Cause it's more up to date.
And yeah, you could also use a manually made .bat file, if you want to make one manually. Here's very old and still should be usable code for it's construction. And so you don't misunderstand, I'll mention that the Tweakspacks download file is an auto extraction archive (.exe), and so it needs to be executed to unpackaged/extracted the content of the game folder for a .bat to order it around.

So in a .bat file:

"install only #60, #110, #1170, ..."

Would translate into being:

 Setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe	--language 0	--force-install-list	60 110 1170 ...

In Windows of course.

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