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Interface Glitch in Linux? (Buttons un-clickable)


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I've used DLTCEP (Current version 7.7) without issue on Windows XP for some time but when I run it on Linux (Mint, 32 bit) I get an annoying problem.


The buttons highlighted red can't be touched with the mouse, although I can still use them with Tab and Enter.


For some reason if I open and then close the "Areas" window, when I go back to "Items" the buttons are moved below the line and can be clicked. (Green highlight.)


This is not unique to the "Items" window, either. Spells, Creatures, Stores and Areas all have the same problem. Is there a layout option I've missed somewhere that would fix/prevent this?





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I know about this, but i don't know why wine is different from vanilla windows. All the button functions are accessible from the menubar, so this isn't a functionality loss.

(Actually, i didn't notice it could ever automagically fix the layout, when i used it with wine, it was consistently buggy)

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