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If you have SoD from Gog or Steam!

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If you have SoD from Gog or Steam, please run the DLC Merger (or the older modmerge ) before installing mods.

This is needed for the mod installer (WeiDU) to be able to access all needed files.

Modmerging the SoD game is not needed if your SoD comes directly from BeamDog.


Please note: to revert an SoD-install to a fresh game, it is not sufficient to uninstall the mods and let Steam check the installed files. There will be remnant files that will make the modmerge tools to give false-positive results if you apply them again, and you will encounter problems in your game.

To revert your SoD game from Steam / GOG to a fresh install in terms of modding, you need to do the following (taken from here by @argent77) :


You could check the following:
- Does the file "sod-dlc.disabled" or "dlc/sod-dlc.disabled" exists? -> Delete the file
- Do the files "sod-dlc.key" and/or "chitin.key.bak" exist? -> Delete the files
- Does "sod-dlc" subfolder exists? -> Delete the folder

Afterwards it's best to reinstall or restore the game to restore the remaining files affected by modmerge.




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